Herring is ingrained in our language

In the Dutch-speaking region (the Netherlands and Flanders), herring is a frequent guest in many proverbs. In total, we have listed 9 proverbs with herring in the lead role.

Do you know the meaning of these proverbs?

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Haring bij de vleet

‘herring by the skate’

In abundance.
(A ‘skate’ is a large net used by herring loggers.)

Als haringen in een ton

‘packed like sardines’

Packed very close together.

Die haring braadt niet

‘That herring does not roast’

That plan will not work.

Er haring van willen hebben

‘Knowing which way the wind blows’

Finding out how matters stand.

Haring in het land, dokter aan de kant

‘Herring in the land, the doctor at a stand’)

Eating herring is very healthy. Herring is one of the healthiest fish.

Hij is lelijk ten haring gevaren

‘He has sailed ugly’

He had bad luck.

Roep geen haring voor hij in het net is

‘Don’t cry herrings till they are in the net’

Don’t be too hasty.

Zijn haring braadt daar niet

‘His herring does not roast there’

He’s not welcome there.

Zo droog als een haring

‘As dry as a herring’

He says almost nothing.



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